Rosette Love Wedding Cake

Order by: Atikah
Flavor: Red Velvet Cake with Cheese Cream
Weight: 1 kg ++
Deco: Ombre Cheese Cream 
Theme:  Rosette Love Wedding Cake

Rosette Anniversary Cake

Order by: Izara
Flavor: Rainbow cake with Buttercream
Weight: 1 kg ++
Deco: ButterCream Frosting
Theme:  Rosette Anniversary Cake

Vintage Wedding Cupcakes

Order by: Siti Hajar
Flavour: Chocolate
Size: Medium
Quantity: 25 pcs souffle cups
Deco: Full Fondant 
Theme: Vintage Wedding Cupcakes

Champagne Pearl Cake

Order by: Kyna
Flavor: Rainbow cake with Cheese cream
Weight: 1 kg ++
Deco: Cheese cream frosting
Theme:  Champagne Pearl Cake

Love cake with Rosette

Order by: Yana
Flavor: Red Velvet with Cheese Cream
Weight: 1 kg ++
Deco: Cheese cream Frosting
Theme:  Love cake with Rosette

Candy Crush Saga Birthday Cake

Order by: Sarra
Flavor: Red velvet
Weight: 2 kg 
Deco: Full Fondant
Theme:  Candy Crush Saga Birthday Cake

Superheroes Cake

Order by: Atieka
Flavor: Rainbow cake with Vanilla Buttercream
Weight: 2 kg 1/2  ++
Deco: Full Fondant & Superheroes Art Card
Theme: Superheroes Cake