Marine Life in The Ocean Cupcakes

Special order from Kak Nik Haslina from Shah Alam, special forsurprising  her husband who turns 29! She requested to make a Marine Life in The Ocean concept of cupcakes. Hope both of you enjoy the cupcakes~!
Flavour: Red Velvet
Size: Medium
Quantity: 12 pcs souffle cups
Deco: Fondant
Theme: Marine Life in The Ocean 
Testimony: "Dear, owg yg tempah & terima cupcakes ckp, cupcakes tersangat comel..sgt berpuas hati..service sgt bagus..;) next time kalau ada occasion..bley la kak ina tempahlg ye? tq sooo much ye ;)

Tq kak!

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fadh.ahmad said...

yang ni berape?cantik!:)
tolong pm sy...