Baby Shower Dessert Table & Photobooth Decoration

Preparing and organizing Shereen's Baby Shower with shocking pink & aqua blue as the color theme mention to the unknown sex of the baby. We are focusing on paper fan decoration to show the harmonization of the upcoming baby sidhu.




Rosette Love Wedding Cake

Order by: Atikah
Flavor: Red Velvet Cake with Cheese Cream
Weight: 1 kg ++
Deco: Ombre Cheese Cream 
Theme:  Rosette Love Wedding Cake

Rosette Anniversary Cake

Order by: Izara
Flavor: Rainbow cake with Buttercream
Weight: 1 kg ++
Deco: ButterCream Frosting
Theme:  Rosette Anniversary Cake

Vintage Wedding Cupcakes

Order by: Siti Hajar
Flavour: Chocolate
Size: Medium
Quantity: 25 pcs souffle cups
Deco: Full Fondant 
Theme: Vintage Wedding Cupcakes

Champagne Pearl Cake

Order by: Kyna
Flavor: Rainbow cake with Cheese cream
Weight: 1 kg ++
Deco: Cheese cream frosting
Theme:  Champagne Pearl Cake

Love cake with Rosette

Order by: Yana
Flavor: Red Velvet with Cheese Cream
Weight: 1 kg ++
Deco: Cheese cream Frosting
Theme:  Love cake with Rosette

Candy Crush Saga Birthday Cake

Order by: Sarra
Flavor: Red velvet
Weight: 2 kg 
Deco: Full Fondant
Theme:  Candy Crush Saga Birthday Cake