Endless Love Engagement~

This cupcakes ordered from my best friend~Anne for her engagement..Actually she requested to help me by decorate her own cupcakes to surprise her fiance..She wants to impress her love by design her own lovely cupcakes..so sweet..Unfortunately her fiance~Amer already know the surprise..hahaha..kantoi!..but I wish both of u happy engaged..Happy to hear that u're very2 happy Anne..Love ya~!
The chubby Anne=p

Gardening's Lover~

16 pieces of full vanilla fondant with orange cuppies ordered from my close friend when I was in primary school-RPS..Yeong Shih Ting..hehehe..She's very talented in arts and cooking..she request to make a gardening theme cupcakes for her mother's birthday with a 'bonsai' tree since her mother very crazy of the 'bonsai'..Million thanx to Wan 'cause give me fully support to create the gardening character especially the 'bonsai'..I try to make something different by putting some 'ferns' around the cupcakes..hahaha..idea from my mum..BTW hope Shih Ting will satisfied my works~Thanx babe!

Order from Waheeda

Buttercream frosting cupcakes ordered from one of my ex-classmate, Waheeda..She request to make variety pattern of buttercream frosting cupcakes for 'makan2'..unfortunately she have to attend her works at Langkawi..so then I passed to her niece-maybe..hope all of u enjoy the cuppies..Thanx Waheeda for the orders~!

One Happy Family

Order kali ni daripada my friend..Azman..for his father's birthday sekali terus menyambut father's day..hihihi..so he gave me a list of his sibling's name..I try characterized them on each cupcake..the I try buat satu story which is all his family 'pakat ramai2' balik kampung just to celebrate their father..first time try..and hmm..dunno what to say..but azman said..ok kak lai..terbaikk..hahaha..tq2..hope your father suke la ek..memang mencabar buat tapi try buat lagi elok for the upcoming order..hihihi
a cute car, one destination...to.....
our lovely home to celebrate u father!
lots of love from all of us...



abang azam

kak long


kak intan


haziqman jiji

and.. khairun

one big happy family~

Julia's Engagement Cupcakes!

Julia is one of my diploma's junior request to make pink + purple cupcakes for her engagement..So Julia request to her name & her fiance's name on the cuppies..so sweet..so..here it is..
(To Julia& Azwan::CONGRATULATIONS to you both on your engagement !! I wish you all the best for the future and hope you are very happy together. Thanx!)

Large Order from Kak Zaleha

Last week I terima large orders from Kak Zaleha which is my junior's sister..die nak buat cupcake as a gift to the guests for Julia's engagement..100 pieces fondant cupcakes..100 pieces of buttercream cuppies..memang penat tapi seronok..dibantu oleh banyak tangan..hehe..thanx to Kak Lynn, Anip n Izwan! Cupcakes ni anta kat one of Julia's family I think~Kak Haza..She's very nice..Btw..Hope Kak Zaleha, Kak Haza n Julia enjoy the cuppies! Thanks..
Semua ni fondant cupcakes..Kak Zaleha requests to do all the cuppies by using the white topping with different designs of flowers.
Yang ni semuanya buttercream cupcakes..kecik je..tapi enjoy sangat buat..ni Kak Zaleha request 100 pieces of buttercream of cuppies which is for her children 'makan2'..hehehe..hope all of u will like it~!