One Happy Family

Order kali ni daripada my friend..Azman..for his father's birthday sekali terus menyambut father's he gave me a list of his sibling's name..I try characterized them on each cupcake..the I try buat satu story which is all his family 'pakat ramai2' balik kampung just to celebrate their father..first time try..and hmm..dunno what to say..but azman said..ok kak lai..terbaikk..hahaha..tq2..hope your father suke la ek..memang mencabar buat tapi try buat lagi elok for the upcoming order..hihihi
a cute car, one
our lovely home to celebrate u father!
lots of love from all of us...



abang azam

kak long


kak intan


haziqman jiji

and.. khairun

one big happy family~

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