Texas Holdem Poker's Fan Cupcakes

This time order request by Miza for her fiancée, was a challenging for me instead has to design n study about poker games! Actually this Texas Holdem Poker one of Miza's fiancée favorite games in Facebook! He’s very addicted to this game so that Miza request to make 25pieces of chocolate cupcakes with the poker's theme...Extra with helium balloons! Actually Miza want to surprise her fiancée by giving the cupcakes with 'i Love u' helium balloons...We’ve made it Miza..! Thanx a lot for trusting me well for making this lovely cupcakes..Wishing both of u happily ever after ya! Kahwin nanti jangan lupa order lagi..heheh
with beautiful miza and her balloons..sorry..gambar xclear..hehe
Testimony:kak lai..tHanx 4 making Us happy dGn cIP p0Ker itu.. wakaka... smPai terLUpa nak amEk gmb0.. t kak lai taG sy ea..yeay!! sgt suke 0kayh!!

cupcakes 4 berbuka puasa!

Last minute deco the cuppies..sorry if the design little bit messy..kelam kabut...btw enjoy berbuka with them since we are the last person reached the dataran!!!hehehe

special 4 u!

this cupcake special made for izwan as his birthday cake..hehehe..simple but deeppppp meaning..happy birthday..may your life shower with full of blessness~!

Birthday cupcakes

Ordered by Meh (my schoolmate + jiran sebelah katil masa zaman asrama RPS dulu:)hehe..She want to surprise her dear mama on her ??th birthday..hehehe..hope Meh will let me know how old your mom!hehe..She requested to have a family members design as I done the previous order..And also a cat and flowers since her mom loves them very much...I just hope that I did make Meh's family happy and thank you very much to Meh for the order..In fact we had a 'little' great time at KLCC..hehehe..don't forget to send the pic you snap that day ya~!

happy birthday mama...

their family tree~

~mas & arsyad~

~mizan&hasif~ ~amin & firah~

her mother loves cat...

and flowers too~!

happy birthday!!

Order from Hanisah

Hanisah request to make 12 pieces of fondant cupcakes with different flavour..She request to follow the previous design...Special for her sister's birthday..She really excited to take the cuppies by sms'ing' me many times!hahaha..so kelakar la nisah..but she's very nice gurl..thanx ya 4 da order..really appreciate with your big smile~!

Travelling Theme (Birthday)

Repeat customer, Shih Ting, ordered 16 pieces chocolate cupcakes for her dad's birthday..She requested to design the cupcakes related to her dad's business.."he had a travelling business which he owned a few vans and minibuses, taking people travelling around penisular msia, well, most of the time, he would be in genting, coz he had a few vans only taking booking to genting everyday it's a return trip... n he always wear tshirt and kargo pant, and carry a black messenger sling bag with everyday... n ermmm, he had a short n spicky hair..."..so..here it is~!

Convocation Cuppies

Ordered by Mutiara (my degree's junior) as a convocation gift for her friend..Design was given by her..She request to make 'semut' and cat for her trademark..wondering there was a moment between semut and cat(meow)..hehe..Thank u Tia for the order.Glad to know that Tia and friends (esp. Hanisah hehe) are very happy and enjoy the cuppies very much..Testimony:- 'Kak Lai..cantik sangat..xsampai hati nak makan..hehe'
Thanx Tia!