Aidilfitri Marathon~

Lots of order been taking this Hari Raya..Oppss..its not to late to wish all of u Happy Eidulfitri..Maaf Zahir Batin ya!
These are the order from my ex-housemate , Kak Pijah. 16 pieces buttercream for her and 16 pieces fondant&butterceram cupcakes for her lovely fiancee..She very upsad with my kind of work..(Really sorry akak instead memang penat gile) I decided to sell it with low price ya..hehehe..I have to admit that I'm not so creative in buttercream cupcakes..(I have to learn more..uhu)..
Another order is special 4 her fiancee..So funny when she wants to exchange her cupcakes with her fiancee's cupcakes..hahaha..anyway Thanx 4 let us 'berbuka puasa' with no water n food..hahaha..Thanx again!
This order request from bakal mother-in-law..hahahaha..for her niece's engagement on 3rd Hari Raya.. 25 pieces buttercream cupcakes with lovely red rose..She loves red rose very it is..Thanx ye makcik..hehehe
Another order from Aunty Zai, my mom's friend..special request from her to make 25 pieces theme fondant cupcakes..So i decided propose yellow and green color with 4 smiling faces of her family with Hari Raya theme.. She wants to give her old friend..Hopefully you'll satisfied with the design ya~! Thanx again!
p/s:: sorry xdapat nak update pics very well..time too short..sorry ya..hugs~!!

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