Sesame street Cupcakes

Special order from my mum.20pcs M size cupcakes with Sesame Street theme for Ms Vera (Perak Gymnast coach) on her party..Beside we have prepared lots of food for the party..Caramel puding+Sandwiches+Fruit Salad..yummy..Thanks mum...! Here are the Sesame Street teams..I would like to share their profile (as I adore much their characters!).. Please meet..
Big Bird
Description: 8-foot-2-inch yellow bird
Birthday: March 20
Likes: Singing, finding solutions to problems, roller skating, making people feel better
Dislikes: Making mistakes
Favorite Food: Birdseed milkshakes
Favourite Thing: His friends
Favorite Toy: Radar, his teddy bear
Oscar the Grouch
Birthday: June 1
Fur Color: Green
Likes: Collecting junk, standing in line, arguing, rainy days
Dislikes: All things nice and sweet
Favorite Expression: "SCRAM!"
Favorite Food: Anchovy milkshakes
Pets: His pet worm, Slimey, and his pet elephant, Fluffy


Description: Friendly, cheerful monster
Birthday: February 3
Fur Color: Red
Likes: Learning, laughing, looking at books, playing
Pet: Pet goldfish Dorothy
Cookie Monster
Description: Cookie lover
Birthday: November 2
Fur Color: Blue
Likes: Eating crunchy fruits, vegetables, and, of course, cookies!
Favorite Food: Cookies, cookies, and more cookies

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Purple + White Engagement Cupcakes

Specially ordered by my new customer,Mai on her engagement day. 16pcs M size cupcakes in souffle cups with fondant deco of purple and white theme..Also wordings 'A promeise to be together' ~ A similar design to the one I did before for another customer..Thanks for the order Mai..hope u'll loves it.. Testimony: Laila.. X smpt nk bgtau u, ur cupcakes - sume org puji.. Hehe.. Tq ya.. Next time I order lg ye..

Happy birthday Cupcakes

Ordered by sweet girl Mylia from JB for her beloved aunt on her birthday..25pieces chocolate cupcakes with previous design theme.(sweet animal theme)..To Mylia..thanks for the order and thanks so much for really understand my limited time to send the cupcakes due to my plumber suddenly want to fix my house..(Mylia keep sms me to know wether the cupcakes have been delivered or not..hehehe)At last the cupcakes reached her aunt's house at Setiawangsa. Tq so much ya..~!
Testimony: Thanks a lot ye kak. They love it.. Nanti posting kat fb ye kak.. Nak tgklah. hehe..Tak dapat nak rasa. Blh pos ke jb tak? Hehehe
Thanx million ya Mylia~!

Engagement Cupcakes

Repeat order from my 'regular' customer~Mutiara..hehehe for her sweet engagement day..She request to design her cute face together with her 'macho' fiance's sweet both of u~!9 pieces full fondant cupcakes with red and white theme..Wish both of u lots of congrates~!!

Hantaran Cupcakes

Ordered by my bff - Ijan from Ipoh as her wedding hantaran to the groom.. a combination of fondant and buttercream as the deco in grey and purple theme colors..thanks Ijan..wish u and Bakti happily ever after~!

i'm so sorry cuppies~

Ordered by a kind niece - Jihani to her beloved aunty, ordered 16pcs cuppies decorated with full fondant decoration interprate her sorry to her aunty..Thank u so much to Jihani for the order..hope that your aunty likes the cuppies..

Convocation Cuppies

These 16 pieces chocolate cupcakes with full fondant decoration ordered from my old schoolmate - Yah, to congrate her sister in law for her convocation. Thanks yah for the order...At last she definitely orders after a longggg time she wants to.!!hehe
Testimony: Thanks for the cuppylicious..hehe mmg berbaloi2... sis aku smp syg nak makan...