Sesame street Cupcakes

Special order from my mum.20pcs M size cupcakes with Sesame Street theme for Ms Vera (Perak Gymnast coach) on her party..Beside we have prepared lots of food for the party..Caramel puding+Sandwiches+Fruit Salad..yummy..Thanks mum...! Here are the Sesame Street teams..I would like to share their profile (as I adore much their characters!).. Please meet..
Big Bird
Description: 8-foot-2-inch yellow bird
Birthday: March 20
Likes: Singing, finding solutions to problems, roller skating, making people feel better
Dislikes: Making mistakes
Favorite Food: Birdseed milkshakes
Favourite Thing: His friends
Favorite Toy: Radar, his teddy bear
Oscar the Grouch
Birthday: June 1
Fur Color: Green
Likes: Collecting junk, standing in line, arguing, rainy days
Dislikes: All things nice and sweet
Favorite Expression: "SCRAM!"
Favorite Food: Anchovy milkshakes
Pets: His pet worm, Slimey, and his pet elephant, Fluffy


Description: Friendly, cheerful monster
Birthday: February 3
Fur Color: Red
Likes: Learning, laughing, looking at books, playing
Pet: Pet goldfish Dorothy
Cookie Monster
Description: Cookie lover
Birthday: November 2
Fur Color: Blue
Likes: Eating crunchy fruits, vegetables, and, of course, cookies!
Favorite Food: Cookies, cookies, and more cookies

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