Love in the Air cuppies II

Ordered by our new customer - Nana from Bandar Kinrara, Puchong. She requests to make 9 pieces of full fondant cupcakes same as previous design we have made. She really exciting received the cupcakes. Thanks Nana~!
Testimony: Thanx laila ;) sy & dia xsmpai ht plak nk mkn, hihik ;p lawan duk tgk cuppy nie..kui3. thank u so much!! sgt puas ht..thanx taw..
Thanx Nana!

Congratulations cupcake

Ordered by one of my sister's friend, Syud. She wants to surprise her little sister and little brother for getting best result in their pmr & upsr last year..Thanx for the order ya!

Giant Cupcake with Little Cuppies~!

Ordered by our new & friendly customer,Hasila.. She request to make a giant cupcake as her wedding cake with 100 pieces of little cupcakes..She also request to put the cake and all cuppies with tier rack..she ordered blue cupcakes as a theme and the rest she said,it's up to my creativity..i feel so lucky that she love what i've created for her..Thank you so much Hasila for the order..Congratulations for your new marriage!

Muffins In The House~!

Ordered by my boss~Kak Liza about 50 pcs of Chocolate & Vanilla muffins to be pack individually each for 'doa selamat' as her mother going to 'Umrah'..Thanx a lot Akak!

Maroon Engagement Cupcake

Repeat order by our 'permanent' customer~Mutiara..hehe..this time she ordered 9pcs medium size choc cupcakes in souffle cups for her friend's engagement.The theme is maroon and white and she requested them to be decorated same as her previous cupcakes..made out of fondant of course..Thank you so much Tia for this order..hope that your friend likes the design and the taste of the cuppies too..

Happy Birthday Teacher Cuppies

Order by Eika, our new customer for her dearie teacher..First of all, I deeply appologize to her because can't make her cupcakes nicely and was a bit simple because I'm really not well for 3 days..Really sorry that u gotta wait for my fiance to pick up the cuppies..thanks too for understanding my unwell situation at that time..and last but not least,thanks for always supporting allcupcakestory..Testimony: "Cupcake ary tu ok..tq teacher suke.." Tq Eika~!

Colorful Cupcakes

Order by Ellie from Shah Alam..She ordered 25pcs medium size choc cupcakes in souffle cups for her family.The theme design is suggested by herself and she requested them to be decorated with colorful fondant..Thank you so much Ellie for this order..hope that your family like the design and the taste of the cuppies too.. Testimony: "Thanks to u too..1st sbb accept last min order...2nd buat CCake yg sgt cute..mmg all family member suka sgt..sampe ade yg simpan bwk tido...heheheeee....keep it up ur creative work....." Thanx a lot Ellie~!

Pink & Blue Buttercream Cuppies

Order from my friend-Pejal of 25 pcs buttercream cupcakes..this set of cupcakes are for 'makan-makan' with his specific theme..he said just a simple design that suitable for him..Thanks Pejal..hope that all of u like the cupcakes..