HITACHI Cupcakes

I received an order for celebrating birthday cupcakes. This kindly customer, Puan Azura wanted to surprise her husband who is working at HITACHI in Bangi on that special day. Initially the customer was a little lost about what theme to use and after a few rounds of discussions, she finally email to me the design that she wanted by use HITACHI's logo. The customer asks me to send the cupcakes directly to her husband. Since I'm not pro with Bangi area, lastly I met her nice husband after 2 hours looking the HITACHI's factory. He he...Thanks a lot ya Puan Azura!

Cream & Gold Engagement Cupcakes

Ordered by our new customer~Huda for her engagement day. She requested 16 pcs full fondant cupcakes with cream and gold as the color theme. Thanks Huda!

Light Purple Engagement Cuppies

Ordered by my fiance special gift to his housemate for his engagement day. 16 pcs of vanilla with full fondant cupcakes. Best of Luck Fuad!

Animal Theme Cupcakes

Ordered by Puan Zara from Ipoh. She request to make 30 pcs cupcakes with animal theme special to celebrate her little baby 1st birthday. Thanx for the order!

Future Mrs. Bruno Mars Cupcake & cake

Ordered by Ika (my junior when I'm in Diploma) special to celebrate her bestie's birthday. She requested to make 0.5 kg pink cake with choc flavour together with 16 pcs choc cupcakes with pink and white theme. She also asked me to put "Happy Birthday to future Mrs. Bruno Mars.." So sweet! Guys sooo sorry have to 'steal' the pics from the fb since all the pics in my camera corrupted! Haishh..Anyway thanx for the order~
Testimony: "Thanx soo much for the cake...all my frens love it...tQ soooo much...xoxo"
Thanx uolls~!

Garden theme cuppies with Giant Ladybird Cake

Repeat order by our little customer~Eika. She requested to make a garden theme of 16 choc cupcakes with a giant ladybird chocolate cake for her birthday celebration. Thanx for the order Eika..

Testimony: "Thanx kak, kek 2 sdp n lawa, family saya suka.."

TQ Eika!

Spongebob Cuppies

Ordered by my bro, special gift for his friend. He asked me to design spongebob theme cupcakes with BlackBerry handphone at the centre..Tq for da order~

Love Plane cupcake

Ordered from my friend. Indah..special surprise for her fiancee on his birthday..Since Indah working as a F.A of Singapore Airlines..she can't celebrate her fiancee's birthday so she request to make a sweet and romantic story on her cupcakes..She request to put a girl on airplane with a little cloud here n there..From the airplane, she wants a banner fly out with these wording.. 'happy birthday sayang' that will catch by her it so sweet..? Hope Indah will happy with this design ya!tq~
Opsss..she also request to make 6 pcs of cupcake special to her 'bakal' mother-in-law on her birthday too..Thanx ya~!

Hello Kitty Cuppies

Ordered by our new customer, Joane for her little princess of her birthday celebration..She request to make Hello Kitty theme as her daughter love Hello Kitty..Thanx for the order dear!