Batman Cake & Cupcakes

Special order from Kak Kay from Subang Bestari(Kak Kay was my sister's friend since their in Form 4..what a small world!) , special for celebrating her son who turnsfive! She requested to make a Batman theme cupcakes and cake. Thanks so much to my fiancee for helping me lot on this 3D Batman figure. Thanks Kak Kay and family~!
Flavour: Chocolate cake
Weight: 1.5kg
Deco: Full fondant
Theme: BatmanCupcakes
Flavour: Strawberry
Size: Small
Quantity: 25 pcs souffle cups
Deco: Full fondant
Theme: Batman


Fariza Othman said...

waaa. berotot abis batman tu wan buat~!


allcupcakestory said...

Haha..tu sume muscle2 kental tu..nak makan pon takut..hehe~