Gold & Cream Engagement Theme

What a big orders from my friend-Karat..hehe..for her cousin's engagement day. She requested to make bunch of cookies, a cake with an iPad on top and cupcakes in every box. Woohh..It is a tough job since Eid was near..hehe but lastly I finish up all the orders with a big smile! Tq Karat~
Flavour: Chocolate
Weight: 1.5 kg
Deco: Full Fondant
Theme: iPad on top with ribbon
Flavour: Red Velvet & Chocolate
Size: Medium
Quantity: 16 pcs souffle cups
Deco: Full Fondant
Theme: Cream Gold Flowery with Rings
Flavour: Butter Cookies
Quantity: 20 pcs with plastic wrap
Deco: Full Fondant
Theme: Cream Gold 

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