Guitar Cake

Ordered by Kai(very nice person she is) special for her son 1st birthday. So cute la your son..hehe..She asked me to make a guitar on top of the cake with blue and red theme. There's a stories behind the making of this cake..hehe..I taught the cake should be send on Sunday, then on Friday night she called me to remind of her cake that should be deliver on Saturday. Seriously I'm very 'kelam-kabut' since 2-3 days before I haven't enough sleep..huhu..but Alhamdulillah I finished it on time. Yeay. Tq dearest Kai..
Flavour: Chocolate
Weight: 2.0 kg
Deco: Full fondant
Theme: Guitar and music
 (Sorry Kai! I steal your pic from your FB..hehe)


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